TBT: Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brashares

Hello my friends! I’ve decided to start a new monthly feature: Throwback Thursday, where I re-read old favorites and give my updated thoughts and opinions. My last series was Twilight, and now I have moved onto The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brashares! I was actually pretty nervous about this reread because The Sisterhood has such a special place in my heart and I was really scared that it wouldn’t hold up to my memories. I also haven’t read this since I was in 7th grade and I am very used to the movie now.

Omg so much nostalgia is hitting me right now.

This book is bringing me BACK. I moved in 7th grade, and I remember reading this book with my best friend from my old school the first time she came to visit. This book and these characters took over my life and was one of the first truly influential YA books that I read. It makes my heart happy to be revisiting it.

Wow, the movie changed a lot.

I remember being really upset with some of the changes they made when the movie first came out, but now it seems so normal to me, and I’m finding myself weirded out by the actual details from the book. Lena’s story was ENTIRELY different- so different that it almost felt new to me reading it again.

Bridget was my favorite… now I’m concerned for her.

I used to LOVE and idolize Bridget. I still love her, but looking at her with my adult eyes, my heart hurts for her. She acts so irrationally and there were a lot of moments that I used to think were so bold and fabulous, that now I think are crazy and worrying.

Also Eric is actually kinda creepy….

This one hurts me. I used to think this storyline was SOOO HOT and dangerous. Now, it seems really creepy to me. Their age difference isn’t that big, but something about their interactions and dynamic really irked me. Part of it is seeing Bridget’s behavior in a new light too, I think. The movie does a really good job of making their relationship and connection seem stronger and less skeevy.

I surprisingly was really drawn to Tibby and Bailey’s story.

Tibby was always my least favorite of the four, I think because she was the one I had the hardest time relating to as a teen. This reread, she was actually my favorite storyline. Bailey is the best- so much wisdom and their friendship was beautiful.

Lena and Kostos don’t actually have much interaction in this book.

They have very few real moments together. Lena was always my second favorite after Bridget, but to be honest I kinda found her story to be a little slow this time. I still love her character, but I understand now why they made the changes they did for the movie.

This book is so beautiful.

There are some truly magical moments in this book. They deal with real and deep issues and emotions that still affected me as an adult. Their friendship is beautiful and I can see why these books were so popular.

I really loved my reread of this book and being back with some of my all time favorite characters and I am very excited to get to book 2 which used to be my favorite one.

I would love for people to join me and chat about their thoughts rereading this series as well ❤

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It’s Gemini season! I’m so happy that the warm weather is here and that summer is about to begin! May flew by in a whirl-wind and all of a sudden it is my birthday tomorrow! May was a big lesson for me in surrendering and letting go of expectations, because things don’t always go as planned. I’m in the process of going with the flow, figuring out what I truly want, and letting the universe show me the way. I’m not sure what is in store for me, and while that absolutely terrifies me and drives me crazy, I know it will all work out how it is supposed to and I’m just going to try to enjoy the ride. I’m incredibly grateful for my superstar family, friends, and boyfriend who always remind me who I am and help lift me up. I can’t wait to fill the last year of my 20’s with so many fun memories, experiences, and of course, amazing reads.

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The Ivies by Alexa Donne ★★★★

Realm Breaker by Victoria Aveyard ★★★

Spells Trouble by P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast ★★★

Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer ★★★★

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Throwback Thursday- Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

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TBT: Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

Hello my friends! I’ve decided to start a new monthly feature: Throwback Thursday, where I re-read old favorites and give my updated thoughts and opinions. This month, we’re still plugging away with the Twilight series with the third installment Eclipse. This was my favorite of the four books originally, so I am excited to see how it stands up now.

Sheesh! Edward is so controlling!

I can’t believe I ever thought that Edward’s controlling behavior meant that he cared so much. He’s a crazy and him keeping Bella from seeing her friends, or really doing ANYTHING, without his “permission” is insane. Also he literally kidnaps her and forces her to stay at his house with Alice while he’s away so she can’t do anything he doesn’t want her to…. can you say psycho? You’re really pushing me into Jacobs arms here Edward.

I love me some Charlie Swan.

What a good guy. He might not do everything perfect, but he’s human. He cares about Bella so much even though he doesn’t always know how to show it.

Rosalie is a freaking QUEEN.

Rosalie might be my favorite character in the whole series. I love getting her backstory in detail in this book and it just reiterates again how awesome I think getting books about each of the Cullens would be.

I’m leaning heavily towards the #TeamJacob train.

Jacob and Bella’s friendship is just so sweet and their connection seems so much stronger than Bella and Edward’s. In most ways, their relationship makes more sense.

Jasper’s character is so complex.

Another backstory that I love. Jasper is such a complicated character and his story is so sad. Getting to know him better in this book is one of my favorite parts.

PSYCH. Jacob is also extremely toxic.

Uh-UH! Just when I thought you had me Jacob, you go and force yourself on her. I knew this happened, but the scene in the book is SO much worse than in the movie. Hearing Bella’s uncomfortable thoughts and then the sadness of her shutting down and just letting him assault her to get it over with is heartbreaking and makes me hate Jacob. Who do you think you are and why do you think you’re entitled to anything from this girl!? GET OUT.

I love how werewolves and the pack work in this series.

The pack dynamic and history is so cool. I completely forgot that we get in depth with it in this book and the pack mind is so fascinating.

Edward is redeeming himself.

Don’t get me wrong, he’s still possessive, but he is learning and realizes that his behavior isn’t good and will push Bella away (YA THINK!?). Especially after Jacob’s abhorrent behavior, Edward is starting to look pretty good again. I also love the conversation between Edward and Jacob when Bella is “asleep”. He really comes off well in that.


That’s right Jacob- you officially lost me. Threatening to kill yourself unless she says she loves you is the LOWEST and most manipulative move you could make. What a psychopath. I was so mad when I was reading this that I almost had to stop. #TEAMEDWARD forever!

This is still the best book of them all.

There is so much in this one. The story is good, the backstories are fantastic, the love triangle is at its all time high, the plot is exciting. Now I remember why this one was my favorite and after all this time it still is. It is the best book by far.

We’ll be back next month with the final installment of the TBT:Twilight edition, Breaking Dawn.

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April 2021 Wrap-Up

And just like that it’s May. Time is wild and this past month has honestly been a blur. I’m currently getting ready to make the move back to the Big Apple and I am so excited for this next stage in the adventure. In the meantime, I’ve been nannying quite a bit, playing with my sweet new puppy nephew, and reading, of course.

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Malice by Heather Walter ★★★★★

These Feathered Flames by Alexandra Overy ★★

New Moon by Stephenie Meyer ★★★

Slingshot by Mercedes Helnwein ★★★

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TBT- New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

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TBT- New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

I have never been a re-reader. This phenomenon never made sense to me- until the pandemic when I went in search of certainty and comfort. Now my old favorites are screaming at me from my shelves and I want to get back in these worlds. I wrote a post about re-reading back then, and then did another TBT post revisiting Twilight. Well- here we are, with a potentially new monthly TBT feature where I will share my updated thoughts about these old treasures. This time we’re taking a look at New Moon, part 2 in the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer! Here are my main take aways from this reread.

Please ignore the nasty sticker residue on my cover haha

Edward and Bella’s relationship escalates so quickly.

At the beginning of New Moon Edward and Bella have been together for six months. SIX MONTHS. That used to seem like a LIFETIME to me. You’ve been together six months and you’re ready to give up your mortality for this guy?! It’s sus.

The way Edward leaves her is seriously messed up.

Idk if I just knew it was coming this time, or if I wan’t as invested in their love, but the way he ends things and then just leaves her in the middle of the forest is beyond cruel. And then he tries to come back at the end and be like “I WAS LYING”. The audacity.

The month section is ICONIC.

I 👏🏻 CON 👏🏻 IC 👏🏻. This section blew my little tween mind and really made me feel something I had never experienced in reading before. Say what you want about the series, but this way of storytelling was brilliant. Even if looking back I think Bella is way melodramatic about the whole situation.

Book Bella is 10x better than Movie Bella.

Don’t get me wrong, she’s still kind of annoying and cuckoo bananas, but I got so used to the movie version that I forgot how emotional she is in the book. She is actually pretty much ruled entirely by her emotions vs being a cardboard cutout. In fact, all of the characters lost A LOT of dimension and charm in the movies.

Jacob is really loveable.

Speaking of characters losing charm in the movies… Jacob is awesome in this book. I had forgotten why I ever liked him to be honest. Yeah, Taylor Lautner was hot, but Jacob’s wit and dimension were completely lost in the films. And his relationship with Bella actually develops, unlike with a certain vampire we know and love… for a moment… I started thinking that I might now be *GASP* #teamjacob.

Bella really does Jacob dirty.

The poor guy. To be fair, she upfront tells him she doesn’t feel that way for him- but then she goes and plays with his mind by acting the opposite. I get that she’s trying to figure out her feelings, but she straight up uses him and it kinda makes me mad.

The ending was gripping.

….and then Edward came back into the picture and the book PICKED UP. I didn’t even realize that it was sort of dragging (I think knowing the werewolf secret took out a bunch of the impact there), until we’re launched into the rescue mission and on a flight to Italy. I LOVE the Volturi and think a series about their origins and backstories would be incredible. There was a real sense of danger and fear and I was hooked, even knowing what was coming.

Overall, this book was better than Twilight.

Maybe I was desensitized, or prepared, after rereading Twilight, but this book seemed significantly better than the first. I’m really excited for Eclipse because that was my favorite in my first read through.

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#TBT: Revisiting Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

I wrote a post a little while ago about the urge to re-read old favorite books amidst the chaos and uncertainty of my current and post-pandemic life. With the release and excitement of Midnight Sun this past month, I finally jumped back into Bella’s world with a re-read of the book that started it all, Twilight. I must have lent my books to one too many people back in the day, because I could not find my original copies. While browsing Half-Priced Books with my sister, I found them and it just seemed like the right time. I felt a sense of giddy excitement at the thought of beginning the journey again. I’m not going to lie, I was nervous. Would it hold up to what I remembered? Would I come to hate one of the books that catapulted me into my love of YA literature?

From the first page, which I began in the car on the drive home, the wave of nostalgia washed over me. I was immediately taken back to my late middle school and early high school years and the memories of biking 14 miles to the bookstore while up in Door County with my best friend for the release of Breaking Dawn. I was very quickly drawn back to Forks and the delight of meeting Edward Cullen for the first time. Despite my happy nostalgia, I definitely had some new, or should I say evolved, thoughts about Twilight than I had when I read it for the first time as a 13 year old with very little life/romantic experience.

Bella is kind of a psycho.

The fact that I ever felt like I related to Bella Swan makes me cringe, cuz she is kinda cuckoo. She has some crazy and toxic thoughts y’all. Talk about a stage 10 clinger with a warped sense of self! The fact that she seriously thinks, and I quote, “If I had to, I supposed I could purposefully put myself in danger to keep him close…” is not ok. Also the fact that as a young teenager I read these kind of thoughts and was like “yes, that totally makes sense. YOU GUYS ARE IN LOVE.” just shows you how much experience I had with boys and relationships…

I don’t remember it being so instalovey.

When I first read Twilight I thought it was so ROMANTIC. Bella and Edward’s relationship was a love to end all loves. Now? My reaction was…. “You literally just met.” How did this not register in my brain back then?! I got so caught up in the grandiose declarations of love that I didn’t even comprehend how little their relationship actually develops. I feel like not having experienced a relationship of my own, I didn’t even realize that there were deeper aspects missing. All I needed to know was that they loved each other and I was on board. Their chemistry is definitely still there, but as an adult reader I was really missing the build to the deeper connection that they supposedly have.

We get it. Bella is clumsy.

I don’t remember Bella’s clumsiness being her biggest defining trait. It was mentioned A LOT. Pretty much any time she had to move in any capacity.

Wow, the technology is dated.

I don’t feel like this book came out THAT long ago, but when you see the types of technology that were current then…. it puts it into perspective and makes me feel really old.

Edward is still charming…. and also a little creepy?

Since I’ve watched the movies more recently than having read the books, I forgot why I fell in love with Edward Cullen in the first place. He is charming! I think a lot of that is lost in the films and I really enjoyed getting to see that again. I loved their banter and his dark, mysterious, dangerousness. However; there are moments that I remember finding so incredibly sexy that now just seemed a little creepy. I get that he is attracted to her partly because of her scent… but does he have to sniff her so much? It’s all just a little creepier than I remember it being.

Oh, Hey Jacob!

It’s crazy meeting Jacob in this first book with the knowledge of what is coming. I feel like I barely even registered him the first time I read it and now I was reading into everything. Bella really does him dirty, doesn’t she?

The Cullen’s are awesome.

The Cullen family are actually really awesome characters. There are so many details about them and their backstories that I forgot, especially Alice and Esme, and we only get a glimpse of them in this book. I honestly would love full novels going into depth on each of their individual stories.

The plot still slaps.

Despite some of my newfound issues with the book, the plot is still pretty rockin. I can’t help but love the storyline and there are some really strong moments. It has a great flow of events and plenty of excitement. The world building is pretty good as well and the way it is shown to us is seamless and thorough.


So, it wasn’t the epically amazing book that I once thought it was. However; seeing it through my adult eyes, I still lived for it and I was able to appreciate it in a different way. This book was a big catalyst in sparking my love of YA literature, and really was one of my first experiences of being deeply affected by a romance. I am definitely going to continue on with a whole series re-read, especially because I remember the books getting better as they go, and then finally get to Midnight Sun. Twilight filled me up in a much-needed way that other books just don’t have the ability to do and while it may not be perfect, I am not quite ready to let it go.