TBT: Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brashares

Hello my friends! I’ve decided to start a new monthly feature: Throwback Thursday, where I re-read old favorites and give my updated thoughts and opinions. My last series was Twilight, and now I have moved onto The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brashares! I was actually pretty nervous about this reread because The Sisterhood has such a special place in my heart and I was really scared that it wouldn’t hold up to my memories. I also haven’t read this since I was in 7th grade and I am very used to the movie now.

Omg so much nostalgia is hitting me right now.

This book is bringing me BACK. I moved in 7th grade, and I remember reading this book with my best friend from my old school the first time she came to visit. This book and these characters took over my life and was one of the first truly influential YA books that I read. It makes my heart happy to be revisiting it.

Wow, the movie changed a lot.

I remember being really upset with some of the changes they made when the movie first came out, but now it seems so normal to me, and I’m finding myself weirded out by the actual details from the book. Lena’s story was ENTIRELY different- so different that it almost felt new to me reading it again.

Bridget was my favorite… now I’m concerned for her.

I used to LOVE and idolize Bridget. I still love her, but looking at her with my adult eyes, my heart hurts for her. She acts so irrationally and there were a lot of moments that I used to think were so bold and fabulous, that now I think are crazy and worrying.

Also Eric is actually kinda creepy….

This one hurts me. I used to think this storyline was SOOO HOT and dangerous. Now, it seems really creepy to me. Their age difference isn’t that big, but something about their interactions and dynamic really irked me. Part of it is seeing Bridget’s behavior in a new light too, I think. The movie does a really good job of making their relationship and connection seem stronger and less skeevy.

I surprisingly was really drawn to Tibby and Bailey’s story.

Tibby was always my least favorite of the four, I think because she was the one I had the hardest time relating to as a teen. This reread, she was actually my favorite storyline. Bailey is the best- so much wisdom and their friendship was beautiful.

Lena and Kostos don’t actually have much interaction in this book.

They have very few real moments together. Lena was always my second favorite after Bridget, but to be honest I kinda found her story to be a little slow this time. I still love her character, but I understand now why they made the changes they did for the movie.

This book is so beautiful.

There are some truly magical moments in this book. They deal with real and deep issues and emotions that still affected me as an adult. Their friendship is beautiful and I can see why these books were so popular.

I really loved my reread of this book and being back with some of my all time favorite characters and I am very excited to get to book 2 which used to be my favorite one.

I would love for people to join me and chat about their thoughts rereading this series as well ❤

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TBT: Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

Hello my friends! I’ve decided to start a new monthly feature: Throwback Thursday, where I re-read old favorites and give my updated thoughts and opinions. This month, I finished my Twilight reread with the final installment, Breaking Dawn.

I surprisingly have a new favorite.

I remember being slightly disappointed with this one on the first go around, but this time I REALLY enjoyed it. The story feels so full and SO much happens! The pacing was really well done and had me hooked more so than the others, and Bella is actually likeable in this one. I think this is surprisingly my new favorite of the four.

This one is the best written of the four.

I feel like she really grew as a writer throughout the series with this one being her strongest in terms of full storytelling. So much of this depth is lost in the films.

Charlie is the best.

He really gets elevated to another level in this one. Especially towards the end once he is brought in to the world of the supes.

The split into Jacob’s perspective was really nice.

I remember HATING this the first time I read it as I was not a Jacob fan at all, and I just wanted to find out what was happening with Bella. This time when I knew it was coming, I thought it was a really cool and useful device.

Leah Clearwater is an amazing character.

Her story is incredibly tragic and I think she is so strong and she evolves a ton. Her relationship with Jacob makes me happy and I love that we got to see more of her story and get to understand her in this book.

The imprinting didn’t seem as abrupt as I remember.

This always weirded me out, and maybe because I was expecting it I didn’t mind as much this time? It was also set up nicely with seeing how the other imprinted wolves were doing and evolving. It wasn’t as gross to me, and I actually liked seeing Jacob’s relationship with Renesme grow.

I love meeting all the other covens.

All the vampires have such unique stories and backgrounds and it was cool to expand the world view.

Alice leaving was DRAMA.

The first time I read this I was BEREFT. I felt so utterly betrayed and I completely forgot it happened like that until this reread.

The Volturi are actually terrifying.

Their abilities and the control they have over everything is CRAZY. They are so much more sinister than I remember and it really made the stakes high.

I got emotional at the end.

I’m not even embarrassed to say that I did get emotional at the end and I was not expecting it at all.

This concludes my Twilight reread. Honestly, it was a joy.

Next up, I’m going to revisit The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series, so stay tuned!