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Fracture by Nina Walker Review

36118876Amazon Summary: Broken by magic and murder, he’ll risk everything for revenge.

Prince Lucas is falling to pieces. He couldn’t save his mother, and now his father is hesitant to execute the man responsible for her death. Lucas only has Jessa, the last shred of light left in his dark world. But she’s conflicted.

What if he loses her too?

Jessa made a commitment. Her family, the resistance, even her own country is counting on her to succeed. She must be initiated and gain the trust of the king. She jumps headfirst into her alchemy trials, determined to impress the court. She knew the tests would be dangerous, but never expected they might reveal her secrets.

And what happened to her friend, Sasha, anyway?

The Color Alchemist Series continues with book two of four. An Amazon number one new release, Prism has captivated fans with its unique magic and swoon-worthy romance. Don’t stop the adventure, read Fracture today.

My Thoughts:  I am so in love with this series.  When I rejoined the world of The Color Alchemists with book two, it felt like coming home.  I didn’t realize how much I had missed these characters.  I am so invested in their lives, and Walker does a great job of developing them even more in this book.  Their relationships feel real and complicated, and gave me such a huge range of emotions.  I literally screamed at my book at one point.  We get the addition of Sasha’s perspective in this book, which was set up really well in the ending of the last one.  I loved learning more about the resistance and the rest of the world (Hey female American president!), and her love interests were really great.  There was a ton of action throughout, and the whole story was engaging and exciting.  Jessa and Lucas’s dynamic is both heart warming and frustrating at the same time.  Their relationship goes through a lot in this book, and I am anxious to see where it is going to go from here.  The more I learn about color magic, the more I love it.  I think it is a totally brilliant idea, is really well done, and continues to develop into a deeper system of magic.  I think I enjoyed Fracture even more than Prism… I cannot wait for book 3!

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Reading Challenges

2018 A to Z Reading Challenge

img_20170922_204343_001000Ok. I’m not normally a reading challenge girl (I can’t handle the pressure), but when I saw this one from Ginger Mom, I knew I had to join.  It seemed fun and exciting, but actually doable.  The goal is to read and review one book for every letter of the alphabet, and every review is worth 1 point.  Each point is worth an entry to the Grand Prize at the end of the year, which is a $100 Amazon gift card! How awesome is that!? So here we go folks. The 2018 A to Z Challenge!







Fracture by Nina Walker



The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert



















Who else is doing this challenge? Anyone have ideas for the harder letters? Let me know in the comments! Happy Reading!