Monthly Wrap-Ups

2020 Yearly Wrap-Up

We made it you guys. The hellish year that was 2020 has finally come to an end. This year has been tough and there is so much uncertainty about the future still out there, but even amongst all the crap that was thrown at us, there was still plenty of joy, new ways of connection, and love, and for that I will be forever grateful. I am doing my best to embrace change and push forward, even though it can be so difficult to do, and am hopeful that 2021 will be a kinder year to us all.

Books Read: 72

Pages Read: 27,509

5 Star Reads: 20

4 Star Reads: 32

3 Star Reads: 14

2 Star Reads: 6

Challenge Updates

Goodreads Challenge: 72 out of 100

I once again was not able to hit my Goodreads goal, but I was closer than last year and read so many books that I loved. I’m ready to try again in 2021!

Classics Club Challenge: 10 of 50

Y’all, I suck at this challenge hahaha. I only read 2 classics this year, but to be fair, one of them was Anna Karenina which is a beast. I’m running out of time with only 2 more years left…. at one time this challenge sounded so doable, but now with how little I’ve done in 3 years it seems a lot harder. I’m gonna really try to read more this next year.

Beat the Backlist Challenge: 35 of 50

I actually did ok on this one! I would have read more had I not been trying to keep up with ARCs and new releases.

Here is to a resilient and joyful new year! We got this! ❤

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