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On Wings and Ash by Jo Holloway Review

Alessa awoke the morning of the festival for Hades expecting nothing more than a night at the bonfires with her charming best friend. She never expected the rest…

Not meeting the man she would end up promised to in marriage.
Not the Spartan warrior or the desperate fight to save a lost princess.
And certainly not the monsters who swooped down in the dark.

When Alessa’s ability to communicate with them results in her taking the blame for the bloodshed, she’ll have to fight for her life. But she never imagined her future would depend on the trust of a stranger – the stranger she’s set to marry – or the strength of a long unspoken love.

Before the night is over, more than just the bonfires might burn…

*I received a copy of this book in return for an honest review!*

I was really impressed with the storytelling in this short novel. Even with it being so short, this book had an exciting plot, fully fleshed out characters and a super unique premise. It is told from the perspective of a “Pyx”, an immortal being who uses animals as “hosts”. In this instance, we get our story from the Pyx hosting in the main character’s pet goose. I was enamored with this concept and have never read anything like it. I thought that the use of that POV was so interesting as well, as it is rare to find a narrator who is a part of the story, but isn’t the protagonist. The setting in Ancient Greece was a very cool choice and the lore worked well with the type of story being told. The book is action packed, and even with the quick introductions we get into the world, it packs an emotional punch. I was so into the story, that I am sad it was almost a novella as I could have lived in this world for much longer. I am excited to see that there is a whole series in the world of the Pyx, although I believe they are set in the present day with different characters, because the whole concept is fantastic and I want more.

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