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Book Con 2020: Book Conline

I have been wanting to attend BookCon for the past couple years. It’s always on my birthday weekend and living in NYC, I really have no excuse for not going. This was the year I was going to go…. and then Covid happened. BUT there was a silver lining and that was BookConLINE! The lovely people at BookCon made all of the BookCon panels available online via their Facebook group on May 30th-31st, and we got to experience some of the magic from the comfort of our own homes. I absolutely loved having this opportunity and listening to the truly fantastic groups of authors sharing their insights and their work with us and I came away feeling so inspired.

My Favorite Panels

The Magic of World Building

Dhonielle Clayton, Sabaa Tahir, Ransom Riggs, Naomi Novik

It was so cool getting insight into building a fantasy world and all of the different techniques these authors use. They had some really interesting pointers.

Epic YA

Victoria Aveyard, Adam Silvera, Nic Stone, Marissa Meyer

I loved the conversations in this panel. They discussed how the state of the world affects how they tell their stories and the importance of Epic YA Fantasy in both terms of escapism and as a mirror for the issues we face.

Witches, Ghosts, and Vampires, Oh My! Brining Back Paranormal

Claribel Ortega, Daniel JosΓ© Older, Holly Black, Kat Cho, Isabel Sterling, Zoraida Cordova

This panel was so much fun! They discussed all things paranormal and where they get their inspirations and what else they would like to explore.

Contemporary Fictions and Modern Day Storytellers

Sandhya Menon, Jenna Evans Welch, Melissa de la Cruz, Margaret Stohl

Getting to see where some of my favorite YA Contemporary authors get the inspirations for their stories was so wonderful. I loved getting to see into their writing processes.

Cassandra Clare in Conversation with Holly Black

Cassandra Clare and Holly Black

Witnessing two brilliant minds discussing their work and their processes and seeing their friendship and camaraderie was just so cool. It’s also exciting to hear about all the new stuff they have coming out in the future.

Are You There BookCon? It’s Judy and Jenny.

Judy Blume and Jenny Han

THIS PANEL WAS ICONIC. I could not stop smiling the entire time.

The Broken World

Justina Ireland, Tahereh Mafi, Adam Silvera

I love dystopian books and it was very interesting to see the thought and processes that go into developing these worlds and stories.

Did you attend BookConLINE? What were your favorite panels? Let me know in the comments! ❀

6 thoughts on “Book Con 2020: Book Conline

  1. I actually wasn’t able to catch many of the panels, but I’ll definitely try to make time to check them out. Thanks for this wrap-up it sounds like there were lots of amazing discussions between authors! πŸ’•


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