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To be honest, I don’t really know what day it is anymore, but apparently, it’s Saturday!  All of the days seem to run together now, and without a schedule, it’s nearly impossible to keep them straight.  So here we are with the most fitting tag, The Stay at Home Book Tag, created by Princess of Paperback.  I found this tag over at Books Are 42 and knew that I had to do it as well.

Laying in Bed- Book You Could/Have Read in a Day


I am so excited for the last installment in the Shatter Me series.  I almost don’t want to read it cuz I’ll be sad that it is over.  I usually read these books super fast because they are easy reads and I can’t put them down, so I imagine this one won’t be any different, especially during the quarantine when I have all the time in the world.

Snacking- A Guilty Pleasure Book


I absolutely LOVED the Sookie Stackhouse books.  They are the best kind of trash read and the perfect definition of a guilty pleasure book.

Netflix- Series You Want to Start


I have heard such amazing things about this series and have been wanting to start it for a while.  Unfortunately, I left the first one at home in NYC and don’t have it here with me… Maybe I could get it on my kindle from the library.

Deep Clean- Been On Your TBR for Ages


I have been wanting to read this for SO LONG.  But it is a skinny book and was always so expensive at the store and I could never bring myself to buy it.  I finally just ordered it off of Thriftbooks and it should arrive at my house any day now!

Animal Crossing- A Book You Recently Bought Because of Hype


I had been so excited about this book, as were a lot of people in the blogosphere, and I was sadly SO disappointed.  It was a struggle for me to get through, there was hardly a plot, and there were barely any vampires.

Productivity – Book You Learned from or Had an Impact on You


I am a huge Elizabeth Gilbert fan, and Big Magic was such a lovely and inspiring book.  Being involved in a creative career can be terrifying, especially right now, and her ideas about the interworkings of creativity were mind-blowing and so impactful for me personally.  It also made me really want to write a book.

Facetime – A Book You Were Gifted


One of my best friends bought me this book when my grandma passed away a few years ago, and I just recently found her card while clearing out some old storage containers.  It was such a wonderful, thoughtful, and unexpected surprise to get her package when I was feeling so sad.  I will always remember this particular gifted book.  Shout out to my girl Allison! ❤

Self Care – What is One Thing You Have Done Recently to Look After Yourself

I have been working out like a fiend.  I’m usually a fairly active person being a professional dancer, but I have been working out more than ever since being quarantined.  If nothing else, at least I’ll come out of this stronger!

BONUS – Name a Book Coming Out Soon


I lived for The Selection (which is coming to Netflix now!! YAY!!), and I am so excited for this new series!!

I tag everyone who is bored at home right now! ❤ Let me know if you do it so I can see your answers too!! 🙂

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