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Broadway Book Chat: Deanna Doyle from An American In Paris

It's Liberation Day.

As an actor, every job you do, you make a new family.  There is something special about theatre and its ability to bring people together in a way that is unlike any other.  I have made so many amazing friends throughout my career, and many of them share my love of books and literature.  Since theatre brings stories to life, I thought I would feature some of my favorite performers (my fabulous friends and castmates) and see what their bookshelves look like! Welcome to my Broadway Book Chat!

Deanna Doyle

Deanna Headshot Resized.jpg

Most recently seen as Lise in An American in Paris at Westchester Broadway Theatre

instagram: @Deannadoyle8 

What are you currently reading?

I am currently reading What Alice Forgot. It is my first Liane Moriarty book, and I love it. It is smart, funny, sentimental, and I can’t put it down.

What is your favorite book series?

I have been looking for a book series to get into for a really long time. For such an avid reader, I can’t believe I don’t yet have one! I’ve tried several and haven’t been especially drawn to any, but I’m still determined to find one. The closest I’ve come is Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot series. I enjoy them, but not enough to read through them back to back. I’d love to find something that I just can’t put down and have to go from one book to the next. Life goals.

Who is your favorite author?

As cliche as it may sound, I have to say Jane Austen. I would feel disloyal to say anyone else.

What book inspires you and why?

I’m reading a lot of books by Thich Nhat Hanh. He is a Vietnamese Buddhist monk who writes a lot of short books meant to inspire. He has a series (a series that I read!) of tiny inspirational books with titles such as How to Sit, How to Relax, How to Love, and How to Fight. They are sweet and insightful and great reminders of the beauty of life. Over the past year, I have always had at least one of his books checked out at the library, usually more. Right now 5 of the 17 books I have checked out from the library are his, and I am currently reading The Art of Communication.

Which literary character would you like to play?IMG_0001

Anne Shirley of Anne of Green Gables or Elizabeth Bennet of Pride and Prejudice.

If you could be friends with any of the characters you have read about, who would it be and why?

When I was little I was obsessed with the Encyclopedia Brown books. I thought it would be cool to be friends with boy detective Leroy Brown so that I could help solve his cases.

What book would you like to see made into a musical/play/movie?

One of my favorite books that I read this year is a book called Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult. It was really beautiful, and I think it would make a lovely movie.

What is the next book on your reading list?

My Lovely Wife by Samantha Downing is next on my list. It’s a thriller. I’ve recently gotten into thrillers, but sometimes I can’t read them when I’m at home by myself, especially in the bathtub. That just seems too scary, so I often have to wait until my boyfriend comes home to indulge.

Have you ever thought about writing yourself?

Yes! I have always loved to write and have thought that if I was not a performer then I would be a writer because they both fulfill my need for self-expression. A few months ago I finished the first draft of a novel and right now I am taking a break from it. Come January, I will revisit it with fresh eyes to write a second draft.

What is your favorite show you’ve been a part of and why?

A show that will always be close to my heart is Phantom of the Opera because it was my Broadway debut. I played Meg Giry and I really love that role.

I feature a new performer every month, so check back for our next guest! I would really love some suggestions for new questions you would like to ask, or things you want to know.  Leave them in the comments and I will add them to future interviews! Shout out to the fabulous Deanna for sharing with us! 🙂


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