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Hello my lovelies! Today we’re here with a book tag that I found over at Fiction No Chaser, The Would You Rather Book Edition tag.  I love playing this game, so when I saw it turned into a book tag I knew I had to do it!

Read Only Trilogies or Standalones?

Trilogies for sure.  I love it when a story keeps going and I feel you can get in so much deeper.

Read Only Female or Male Authors?

Female.  Most of my favorite books and a lot of my favorite genres are written by women.

Shop at Barnes & Noble or Amazon?

Barnes & Noble.  There’s something special about picking out the book at the store and bringing it home.  There is a certain magic in it for me.

All Books Becomes Movies or TV Shows?

Ahhhh I think it depends on the book.  I’m gonna go with TV shows because the quality of TV is up to movie standards nowadays and you can expand more in multiple episodes than you can with one movie.

Read Five Pages Per Day or Five Books Per Week?

Oooof five books a week is a lot for me, but I would rather that than only five pages a day!

Be a Professional Reviewer or Author?

I would love to be a professional author.  I’ve always wanted to write something fictional, but inspiration hasn’t fully come to me yet.

Only Read Your Top Twenty Favourite Books Over and Over or Always Read New Ones That You Haven’t Read Before?

I would always read new ones as I am not a huge rereader anyways, but the thought of never being able to read Harry Potter again makes me sad.

Be a Librarian or Bookseller?

Bookseller!! I’ve had daydreams of owning my own bookstore/cafe.

Only Read Your Favourite Genre or Every Genre except Your Favourite?

This is a no brainer.  My favorite for sure.  I already don’t branch out much so I basically do this anyway hahaha

Only Read Physical Books or E-Books?

Physical.  I can only read so many books on my kindle before craving a physical book again.  It can put me in a reading slump if I read too much an on an e-reader.

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