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Top 10 Tuesday: Things That Make Me Pick Up A Book


You guys.  I have been in Seattle this past week, and the book stores here are insane.  I have found so many incredible ones, and the book shopping has gotten out of control.  I am putting myself on a book buy ban again since I have run out of room in my suitcases for more books.  This week’s theme from That Artsy Reader Girl goes hand in hand with my book shopping addiction, and it is Things That Make Me Pick Up A Book.

Pretty Covers

This one is super obvious, but it needed to be said.  Nothing excites me in a book store like an elaborately beautiful cover.  I feel that a good cover also conveys the overall feeling of the book too, which gives me a good idea of what is inside its pages.


I find book titles so intriguing, and I’ll pick up a book strictly for the title alone to see what it’s about.


There is nothing that will make me take a book home faster than a good blurb on the back cover.  If the plot grabs me, I’m pretty much sold.


Ever since I started blogging, checking reviews for books has become an obsession.  I have gotten so many amazing recommendations on the blogosphere and it makes me want to look at the books everyone is talking about.  When I’m at a store and I see books that have a lot of hype, I’ll pick it up to see what the fuss is about.

Familiar Authors

 I have a lot of favorite authors, so when I see a new book by them, or one that I haven’t discovered yet, I always give it a look.  I am also more likely to trust a new author if one of my other favorites backs it (like with a quote on the cover).

Good Floppiness

 This is a big one for me.  There could be a book I really want to read, but if it doesn’t have a good feel or “floppiness” as I call it, I might put it back.  I love paperback books and usually prefer them since I travel so much, and finding a book that has the perfect floppiness makes my heart flutter.

A Strong Female Protagonist

 If I’m looking at a book and it seems like there will be a strong female protagonist, there is a better chance that I will choose to read it.

Hints of Romance

 I am a sucker for a good love story.  I don’t even need the love to be the main plot point, but when there are hints of romance in the blurb on the back, or even a love triangle, I’m sold.


I’m a huge fantasy nerd, so anything that looks like it will have magic in it grabs my attention right away.




5 thoughts on “Top 10 Tuesday: Things That Make Me Pick Up A Book

  1. What, exactly does floppiness mean to you? Are you referring to paperback covers or to plots that feel more casual? (or maybe something else entirely?)

    My post.


  2. I 2nd the need for a good floppy book! I asked a seller on eBay if the version of Clash of Kings they were selling was a floppy paperback and they just replied like I was crazy before saying it was a standard paperback, a big no for me. I need my big books to flop hard. Also, I have to agree on the titles thing, I will almost always pick up a book with an interesting or mysterious title because it instantly makes me feel like I need to know what the title is about.


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