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I came across the Nope! Book Tag on several different blogs when looking for a fun tag to do for today.  I couldn’t figure out who the original creator was, so if anyone knows who made it please let me know in the comments 🙂

Nope! Ending: A book ending that made you go NOPE either in denial, rage, or simply because the ending was crappy.
War Storm by Victoria Aveyard

I have to go with War Storm for this one.  After such an awesome and engrossing series, the ending was just underwhelming and disappointing.  I’m hoping that with the release of the novellas coming, that we’ll get better closure.

Protagonist: A main character you dislike and drives you crazy
Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake

I have to go with Arsinoe from Three Dark Crowns.  I don’t hate her necessarily, but she’s definitely my least favorite of the three Queens.  I feel like she’s supposed to be the one I’m rooting for, but I just find her annoying and untalented.

Series: A series that turned out to be one huge pile of NOPE after you’ve invested all of that time and energy on it, or a series you gave up on because it wasn’t worth it anymore.
Fallen by Lauren Kate

I had heard great things about this series, but after reading the first book I just could not go on.  I’m not a fan.

Popular pairing: A Ship you don’t support.

Harry and Hermione.  Stick to the canon people.  RON AND HERMIONE FOREVER!

Plot Twist: A plot twist you didn’t see coming or didn’t like.

Literally every moment of this series.  So many AMAZING twists that I can’t even name one.  This series takes you for a RIDE.

Protagonist action/decision that made you shake your head nope.

Celaena’s attitude towards Chaol.  It makes me so mad and I just want to smack her out of it.

Genre: A genre you will never read.

Religious/Christian fiction.  Never.

Book format: Book formatting you hate and avoid buying until it comes out in a different edition

I don’t hate hard cover books, and if it’s a new release I’ve really been waiting for I won’t avoid it, but I usually prefer to get the paperback.  I also avoid books with movie covers and will always go for the original when possible.

A trope that makes you go nope.

I actually don’t really mind most tropes as long as they are written and handled well.

Recommendation: A book recommendation that is constantly hyped and pushed at you that you refuse to read.
Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Mansicalco

Everyone says these books are so great, but I just have no desire to read them… Maybe someday if I run out of things to read…. HA

Cliche/pet peeve: A cliche or writing pet peeve that always makes you roll your eyes.

The “plain” girl who doesn’t know she’s beautiful.  *YAWN*

Love interest: The love interest that’s not worthy of being one. A character you don’t think should have been a viable love interest.

Anders from When We Caught Fire.  I didn’t understand the appeal… he was just kinda shady and the girls were better than him.

Book: A book that shouldn’t have existed that made you say nope.

“Not have existed”is a little harsh, but a book that made me say nope multiple times while reading was definitely Daisy Jones by Mack Mama. It was a lot.

Villain: A scary villain/antagonist you would hate to cross and would make you run in the opposite direction.

Fenrir Greyback.  He’s terrifying.

Death: A character death that still haunts you.
NOPE! Author: An author you had a bad experience reading and have decided to quit.

I wouldn’t say I’ve COMPLETELY given up on her, but after The Witching Hour, I am very hesitant to read any more Anne Rice….

I tag anyone who wants to add in on this fun tag! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Nope! Book Tag

  1. Omg I found myself agreeing with several of your answers:

    -Harry and Hermione have always been more siblings than lovers
    -I always groan at The “plain” girl who doesn’t know she’s beautiful cliche
    -Would also never read religious fiction
    -Also avoid movie covers
    -FRED 😭

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I had to laugh so hard while reading your NOPE tag. :-)You mentioned almost every hyped book available. Lol. Which is fine. I agree with you on most ( okay, maybe all the books you´ve mentioned ). Loved this. ❤


  3. I actually loved Arsinoe in book one. I liked how sarcastic she was. I haven’t read the second book though so I’m not sure whether that opinion will change or not and honestly, not sure if I plan to read book 2 anytime soon. Kendare Blake and me have a very weird relationship when it comes to her books and since book 1 was a 3.5 I’m super afraid book 2 will be a literal 2.

    Also, I loathe movie covers. They just irk me like nobody’s business.

    I love Ron and Hermione and do not ship Hermione with anyone but Ron.

    Stalking Jack the Ripper was a book I put off forever because of the hype. Finally read it this summer and it was about a 4-4.5 for me. Definitely worth checking out in my opinion but it’s for sure a late summer/early fall book, for me anyway and it is so ridiculously hyped I can totally understand your hesitancy.

    I still cannot talk about Fred 😥


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