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Bubblegum ARC Review

*I received an ARC copy in return for an honest review! Thank you Sari Taurez! Expected Publication 10/9/17*

35615310Goodreads Summary: Tiana is your typical pampered young blonde with a love for expensive shoes, hot guys, and murder.

After Tiana is cut off from her family’s riches, she takes advantage of her talents and becomes a killer for hire. It’s a lucrative business in her country, where a call to the police can amount to a lifetime of debt.

Her first client: Julia, a lower-class IT genius, lesbian, and devout Catholic. When the orphanage Julia volunteers at is targeted by the infamous brothel-owner Bobby Nails, Tiana is excited to take the job. But when she discovers Bobby Nails has a full army of mercenaries at his disposal, Tiana wonders if she may be in over her head.

Tiana and Julia face an unexpected adventure as they seek vengeance against the elusive Nails. Along the way they are joined by Ruby, a pyromaniac ex-prostitute who catches Julia’s eye, and William, a mysterious acrobatic fugitive searching for his daughter.

In the end, will they be enough to stop Nails and the chaos he has created?

My Thoughts: When Sari Taurez contacted me about reviewing her new book, Bubblegum, I was immediately attracted to the cover and the synopsis. It sounded very refreshing, unique, and full of girl power.  I knew from the prologue that I was gonna be in for an interesting journey, and I was not wrong.  This book moves fast.  The plot is action-packed and exciting, and for such a quick read, a lot happens.  There were so many great action sequences, that I found the transitions a little lacking, and would have liked  more development between each major event.  The plot line was unique and fun to follow.  It definitely has a heightened comic book vibe, and I think it would be fantastic on screen.  It has a few twists that I really enjoyed (even if I did see them coming).  Our protagonist, Tiana, is a feisty, selfish, impulsive, and sarcastic anti-hero, and I liked her.  I rooted for her throughout the entire book, and connected with her character more than any of the others.  As an actress, I kept thinking how fun she would be to play.  Her partner in crime, Julia, I found to be really dull in comparison, and I wanted her to have a stronger arc.  This book has such an array of diverse characters, which was refreshing to read, but they seemed a little under-developed and one dimensional to me.  The futuristic world of Bubblegum was interesting, and I wish we could have had it fleshed out a little more.  The concept was cool, but the way she described it was pretty vague, and I would have loved a few more details and explanations.  We only got glimpses into how the world worked, instead of being completely immersed in it.  There were a few inconsistencies in the perspective switches too, and I often had to go back to the beginning of the chapter to see who’s perspective I was supposed to be reading. This book’s main focus is in its actions, and although it had exciting scenes, I needed more than that to hold my interest.  All in all, I didn’t love this book.  It was ok, but was a little lacking in everything but girl-power and action.

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