Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday: Most Anticipated Books For the 2nd Half of 2017

This weeks Top Ten Tuesday from The Broke and the Bookish was “Top Ten Most Anticipated Books for the 2nd Half of 2017!” I kind of struggled with this one a bit because I am in the middle of several older series, and haven’t been paying enough attention to new releases lately.  I still have a bunch to be excited about though!


A Column of Fire by Ken Follett-September 2017: Ken Follett’s historical fiction are up there in my top favorite books of all time, so when I found out that my favorite books were getting a new addition, I freaked out a bit. I CANNOT WAIT for this book.



One Dark Throne by Kendare Blake– September 19th, 2017: I was dying for this book the minute I finished Three Dark Crowns.  September 19th can’t come fast enough.



34037113The Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman– October 10th, 2017: I love anything to do with witches, and I loved Practical Magic, so I am ready to find out more about the Owens family!



32708664Beren and Luthien by J.R.R. Tolkein and Christopher Tolkein– June 1st, 2017: It’s another trip into Middle Earth… Need I say more?




33368917The Last Tudor by Philippa Gregory– August 8th, 2017: I really enjoy all of the Philippa Gregory books I have read, and I always look forward to her next one.



32076675The People We Hate at the Wedding by Grant Ginder– June 6th, 2017: Who doesn’t love a dysfunctional family and a wedding? In the height of wedding season, I am so ready for a fun family dramedy.



32926258The Life She Was Given by Ellen Marie Wiseman-July 25th: The circus fascinates me, so when I found this book I was instantly intrigued.




30312855The Last Magician by Lisa Maxwell– July 18th, 2017: I am constantly looking for new Fantasy series, and this one caught my eye immediately with its cover.



33607640The Address by Fiona Davis-August 1st, 2017: I am a sucker for flashback stories, and this one sounds like its right in the pocket for me.  I love the 1800’s and the 1980s, what could be better?



Doors Of Stone by Patrick Rothfuss– ????: One can only dream….


8 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Most Anticipated Books For the 2nd Half of 2017

      1. I have been telling all my friends, “There’s this book that you NEED TO READ! Just don’t read it until September so you don’t have to suffer the agony of waiting for the sequel!” Arsinoe is definitely my favorite but I think I speak for the entire world when I say I am dying to see what’s coming next for Katharine!


  1. I don’t think anything will ever top The Night Circus for me, but The Life She Was Given draws me in just by the name! I also really liked Water For Elephants, but I never saw the movie.


    1. I loved Night Circus and Water For Elephants. The movie I think I would have liked had I not read the book. They changed a lot and combined a bunch of characters. I did think the acting was great though!


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