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How I Saved My Wallet and Got More Books

Thanks to my best friend, and fellow book addict, I recently discovered a website that has changed my life, and my wallet.  As a book addict, I unabashedly buy more books than I can possibly read, and I have never thought twice about it.  Books are my vice, what can I say?  However; bookstores are expensive, and as an artist often between gigs, I have to be more diligent with my budget.  I love the library, I do, but there is something  so special in owning a book and watching your personal library grow.  My best friend, Kaley, told me about Thriftbooks.com and ever since, I find it hard to buy books any other way.  It is amazing and dare I say, dangerous.  It’s like Half-Price books online.  They sell used books of varying quality (all decent, some like new), and deliver them to your doorstep.  The prices are unreal.  I once got seven books for under $20.00, the price of one brand new book at Barnes and Noble.  The selection is huge and they even have new releases (though they are a little more pricey).  They also have free shipping if you spend $10.00, which is usually two-three books.  If you join their free ReadingRewards program, it tracks your purchases, and once you have spent $50.00 you get a $5.00 coupon, which is basically the equivalent of a free book.  I know.  It sounds too good to be true.  It gets better.  Any time you refer a friend, you both get a 15% off coupon for more books!  They also have an app, that has a first purchase discount as well.  There are so many savings, it’s almost impossible not to buy a million books.  I can’t gush about this site enough.  Thriftbooks.com is genius and has changed the way I read and shop for books.  Check it out.  You can thank me later 🙂 .